Email automation for your e-commerce business. Get the most out of your business.

Improve customer contact

Automatic emails

Good customer contact pays off handsomely. A professional e-mail can clear up customer questions and add a personal touch to the ordering experience. Still, it's a chore when you have to manually send each customer an email about the order when they place a new order. With FiveX's email automation, this task is taken out of your hands and emails are automatically sent to the customer when an order is placed.

Multichannel management

Link all your sales channels to FiveX

So how do you get your financial insights from all your sales channels together in one overview? One of the big advantages of FiveX's tools is that you can link all your sales channels. Thus, all sales from all channels enter the system and are brought together into a clear overview.

Generate more product reviews

Up to 6 times more reviews

Automated emails can also be used to generate new reviews. On average, members who use the automated email campaigns get six times more reviews on the products. These reviews provide "social proof" and help tremendously in selling the products.

Email customization

Email templates, HTML & visual editor

Automating all your mail contact with your customers is of course of no use without these mails looking neat. By using our templates and visual mail editor it is possible to give the automated e-mails a personal touch and look-and-feel of your brand.

Insights into your mail campaigns

Compare, improve and process

Within the mail overview you can see how many automatic mails have been sent and how many reviews it has generated. You can also view previous periods to monitor your progress.

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