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FiveX provides a crystal-clear overview of profitability and inventory, enabling me to act immediately to promote the growth of my company. With FiveX, I'm always in control.

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Achaté strives to simplify household life by providing the best cleaning products, making your daily tasks effortless. Their vision is to achieve a leading market position within Europe by 2028 by continuously offering innovative cleaning solutions

The Problem

Atif struggled with effectively managing the profitability of his online cleaning products business, Achaté. Without a clear overview of profitability per product, achieving business growth was challenging. Manually tracking sales data, inventory levels, and profit margins in Excel was time-consuming and led to inaccuracies.

The Solution

FiveX provided Atif with a tool that integrates and simplifies crucial business data.This solution automates the collection of data on total profit, profit per product, inventory levels, and sales numbers. As a result, Atif saves a significant amount of time and has more accurate information for decision-making. Additionally, he uses FiveX to reduce returns by informing people about the product through automatic emails.

The Results

With the help of FiveX, Atif now manages his products with greater efficiency and improved profitability. This optimization in his business operations results insignificant growth and increased brand visibility. My estimate is that by usingFiveX, I save about 2 hours a day on manual tasks. I can also steer much better on profitability, which has allowed me to increase my profit margin by at least 5%.

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"We no longer have to use analyses in Excel. It now only takes us an hour a week where we fill in the data and the rest goes by itself. In total, FiveX saves us about 20 hours a month."

Julian Noteboom
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