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"The strength lies in the amount of data combined with a good overview."

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More than five years ago, Bart embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in the world of E-commerce. As the founder and CEO of FITAGE B.V., monitoring his health has become a passion for him. Currently, FITAGE operates on, Blokker, and their own webshop. Expanding to other Dutch marketplaces and Amazon Germany is planned for this year.

FITAGE focuses on helping people improve their health. The company not only assists people with the physical product to get from point A to point B but also distinguishes itself from its competitors by truly helping them. The only thing missing to provide the best possible assistance to their customers was a good software tool that would provide more insights into the data on online marketplaces.

FITAGE was searching for a data tool that could help them keep track of all the products they sell. Eventually, Bart came across FiveX through Google. "I saw you guys on YouTube and signed up for a trial account. You are a great data analytics platform for, which is exactly what we were looking for." Thanks to FiveX, FITAGE was able to gain better insights into their sales channels and their position within those channels.

The Problem

At the time FITAGE was founded, there was limited software available for tracking purposes. Most of the available data came directly from Tracking orders posed a challenge because initially, the company had to rely on Excel and's database. This approach had its limitations and was not scalable. "Tracking positions in Excel was time-consuming and exhausting." As a result, FITAGE faced difficulties in effectively tracking orders and conducting research on new products.

The Solution

By utilizing the tracking tools provided by FiveX, FITAGE no longer needs to search manually. "It's possible to differentiate between ranking positions on Bol Netherlands and Bol Belgium, which works perfectly for us." Market analysis with competitors also helps FITAGE optimize its product range. "The stock chart in the research tool makes it easy to see when products are replenished and track sales over a specific period. The dashboard is user-friendly with plenty of graphs, and the email tool works well." FITAGE primarily uses the tool for new products and managing ranking positions.

The Results

If FITAGE doesn't check the data for a week, all the data and emails are still automatically tracked. "The ranking is being monitored, and even if we let it go for a while, everything continues to run smoothly. The monthly overview is helpful in understanding what's happening in each area." The user-friendly dashboard and order/ranking tracking save time. FITAGE is able to gather more data than through alone, and the potential of new products can be determined more accurately. "I can always reach out to you as well. The communication is good. You are helpful and respond quickly." Bart would recommend FiveX to many E-commerce sellers. "The strength of FiveX lies in the amount of data combined with a good overview."

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"We no longer have to use analyses in Excel. It now only takes us an hour a week where we fill in the data and the rest goes by itself. In total, FiveX saves us about 20 hours a month."

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