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'ChannelEngine and FiveX mutually accelerate each other's capabilities.'

Multi Tradestore
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Multi Tradestore is an e-commerce company focused onmarketplaces. In addition to their own shop, they also assist othercompanies in selling on marketplaces. They have over 7 years of ecommerce experience and sell on more than 10 marketplaces, suchas, Amazon, Praxis, Home24, and Leen Bakker.

The Problem

  • Automation: Multi TradeStore aimed to amplify their sales by venturing into additionalmarketplaces. However, this expansion introduced a slew of manual and repetitive tasks, whichinitially made the initiative appear financially unsound.

  • Multichannel profit overview: Multi Tradestore encountered a problem as they did not have clearinsight into sales performance. A consequence was that many business decisions were still madebased on gut feelings. In order to increase additional sales channels it became essential to havean accurate view of sales data.

  • Conducting deeper analyses at the product level was a time-consuming task, for whichunfortunately there was too little time. As a result, some products ended up being loss-making atthe end of the month because active insights were not delivered. The company sought a solutionto centralize and make the data visible from one point.

The Solution

Automation via ChannelEngine

Multi Tradestore elevated their marketplace sales to remarkable heights by selling across multiplemarketplaces. They employed Integrator ChannelEngine to push products to these variousmarketplaces. Additionally, ChannelEngine assisted in synchronizing the inventory levels ofdifferent products. Thanks to ChannelEngine, multi-platform sales became both easy andautomated. ChannelEngine helps to automatically sell on many marketplaces in a matter ofseconds

A Multichannel Profit Overview via FiveX

The next step for Multi Tradestore was to enhance profitability across the various marketplaces.To achieve this, they needed clear multichannel insights into profitability, sales, ranking,advertising, returns, and more. FiveX assists Multi Tradestore in gaining this comprehensiveoverview. Moreover, with FiveX, they can delve into the performance of each marketplace, brand,and even at the product level. This empowers them to steer their marketplace business towardsincreased profitability.

The insights provided by FiveX are foundational for achieving profitability and growth onmarketplaces. All teams utilize data from FiveX to determine their subsequent strategies.

“By using FiveX, we have truly become a data-driven company“

The Results

FiveX is the perfect complement to ChannelEngine and vice versa:

  • ChannelEngine enables us to automate marketplace actions, saving us countless hours of work.
  • FiveX equips us with the insights needed to enhance profitability and growth on marketplaces.

“The technical integration between FiveX and ChannelEngine was the missing piece in ourmarketplace business“ says Jeroen Gort. “Drawing on data from ChannelEngine, FiveX offersrefined insights, which I can directly apply within ChannelEngine to optimize our marketplaceoperations.”

'ChannelEngine and FiveX mutually accelerate each other's capabilities.'

Jeroen Gort - E-commerce Manager Multi Tradestore

Next Steps

With ChannelEngine and FiveX, we have laid the foundation for future marketplace growth. We canswiftly begin selling on a new marketplace and immediately analyze the results. This allows us toeasily optimize profitability for each marketplace, brand and product.

FiveX interviewed

Jeroen Gort

Marketplace Manager

Multi Tradestore

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"We no longer have to use analyses in Excel. It now only takes us an hour a week where we fill in the data and the rest goes by itself. In total, FiveX saves us about 20 hours a month."

Julian Noteboom
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