5 smart tips for a successful omnichannel strategy

For years we have seen the trend of consumers making more and more purchases online, and the pandemic has only accelerated this trend. This has meant that both retailers and e-commerce companies need to be present on a growing number of channels, because after all, you want to be where the consumer is. Selling through multiple channels is called omnichannel retail, and it brings both challenges and interesting opportunities.

With omnichannel retail, as a retailer you want to ensure that your customers have a perfect brand experience across all channels and that you have everything in order behind the scenes in terms of technology and data. But what do you need to think about? In this blog, we will explain 5 things that will help you get the most out of an omnichannel approach:

  • Connect online and offline
  • Personalized experiences using data
  • Find sales opportunities in your data
  • Consistent brand experience across all sales channels
  • Automating sales

1. Connect online and offline

That online is becoming increasingly important is undeniable, but you can also bring online and offline closer together. By making smart use of data and applications, this can be done quite easily! For example, think about displaying the stock level of a product at a physical store or give the consumer the option to pick up a product at your store. This way a consumer is more likely to come to your physical store and you also offer free delivery and convenience. So a win-win!

2. Personalized experiences using data

More and more retailers operating online are beginning to discover the power of data. By being smart about the data you possess, you can offer personalized shopping experiences to your customers. For example, consider a consumer who buys something from you through a marketplace: you often have the option to send him or her a personalized email with more information about the product. In this way, you are able to provide an extra piece of service and also improve the customer relationship.

3. Finding sales opportunities in your data

The beauty of an omnichannel approach is that you have big buckets of data. If you know how to find information here properly, you can make decisions based on data and not gut feeling. Of course, that's a given, but a practical example will make it a little more insightful.

A large retailer is very active selling both physically and online. He delivers in cities and areas where known competitors of his also operated. But once he started looking into the data, he noticed that certain product categories and brands were selling well in a certain region, despite the fact that there were other retailers as well. After some digging, he found out that his competitors in that area were not offering the brand he was selling so well. Based on this data, he started focusing more on the brand that was doing so well and increased his sales.

That's the power of data!

4. Consistent brand experience across all sales channels

With an omnichannel approach, your priority is obviously to expand the number of channels you sell on. This is something that consumers are also starting to expect now: they can choose which sales channel they prefer. They want to choose whether they buy something in a physical store, a web shop or on a marketplace. If you have very many channels, you can often lose sight of the forest for the trees. So it's up to the omnichannel seller to make sure everything goes well on all channels.

5. Automating sales

As the number of channels increases, it becomes increasingly important to record important matters such as logistics, stock levels, orders and payments in, for example, a central system and connect it to an integrator. This way you keep an overview and know exactly where a product is, how something is shipped and what your current stock level is. Very handy and you no longer have to deal with no-sales!  For example, if you sell on multiple marketplaces, manually processing orders and updating your inventory is just not possible anymore. Apart from the fact that it takes an enormous amount of time, it is also very error-prone.

Therefore, it's hugely important that you look for an integrator that can connect your back office with all of your channels. With EffectConnect you can ensure that all your channels are seamlessly connected, so you can sell without any worries or headaches. And with smart tools like the repricer and fulfillment manager, you'll also increase your conversions!

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